We tend to agree heavily with Confucius. We really love this gig. Yet we know that long-term, bankable success in real estate takes more than love. Over our last decade or so of selling bricks and sticks, there are a few things we’ve learned to be absolutely true and we run our business on those truths – work hard, learn stuff, be honest and play nice. We’ve hand-crafted our approach by focusing on the needs of our clients; working to clarify a process that is often complex and confusing; and staying informed about trends and data that affect the local real estate market.

Since 1999, our boutique firm has specialized in selling properties in the most desirable Houston neighborhoods – from the elegant charm of Bellaire and West University, to the sprawling homes of Meyerland and Westbury, to the tree-lined paradise of Timbergrove and Garden Oaks and the funky, eclectic ways of Montrose and The Heights. We don’t just sell here, we live, work and play in these neighborhoods. We love our hometown and want to make sure that our communities are strengthened by our presence in the industry, whether it’s by helping great local ideas come to life or giving nonprofit organizations the tools to succeed.

We believe in strengthening community-centered organizations like Mission Houston, which is changing greater Houston for good. And we believe that its possible to change the lives of kids through the act of showing up through mentorship in our local community through programs like Girls on the Run. We believe that we will change the world in these ways. We believe in the greater good of our community and give back as part of the work we do. Call us today to find out about greater real estate at (713) 922-0877.

For us, real estate is the place where great stories are created and lived out. It’s where friendships are forged, where happiness thrives, and where the good stuff of life boils over like your mom’s best cooking on the kitchen stove. Our role in this journey is adviser, teacher and confidante. Our knowledge is time-tested and our roots run deep in this community. We are honored to daily collaborate with great clients and colleagues – where together we participate in the great stuff happening in the fabric of our community and in the lives of our families, friends and neighbors.

Ready to experience greater? You’ve come to the right place. Call us today at (713) 922-0877.