You get the keys to your first home, walk through the front door – and realize one glaring issue – no window coverings! You quickly run to Lowe’s or Home Depot to get some temporary paper blinds, but you’ll eventually need some permanent options that show off the beauty of your window and it’s views. Today I want to teach you a little about shutters, sometimes called Plantation Shutters.



Why Shutters?


Shutters are a more attractive finish when compared to the common 2″ faux wood blinds that you can have cut and install yourself from the local hardware store. Shutters tend to bring a higher sales price when you go to sell your home.


They are also permanent. Shutters are guaranteed for life. They are the only window covering solution that comes with a lifetime warranty. You’ll pay more for them initially, an average window costs $350 to shutter vs $150 to blind. But, if you choose the finish options wisely, it is a window covering solution that will last the test of time.

Finally, they are a true custom-made solution. Shutters have many decorative options that can really finish a room and raise the beauty of your home’s finish. A quick call to a local blinds and shutter company is all it takes to get a free quote on installing shutters instead of blinds.



A few of the decisions to be made when selecting shutters:


1. Which trim style? Do you want to match your existing trimwork, or go with a newer style?


2. Do you want the louvers to be 3.5″ (smaller room) or 4″ (bigger room – think a large den or two story room).


3. What color hinges? You can select white to go with the shutter, or you can match to your existing metal finish inside (dark bronze, brushed nickel, brass).


4. Do you want the pulls to be visible or hidden? Hidden pulls are a way to stay with a minimalist look, that focuses less on the window and more on the room decor.


5. They also offer partial view shutters, where you can open the top section and leave the bottom closed, and they offer different styles of opening (bifold, single shutter, double shutter).



You’ll want a helpful salesperson to walk you through each of these options! In about one hour, they’ll measure and help you select the options best for your rooms and then they come back 6-8 weeks later to professionally install your gorgeous shutters!