The Westbury Community Garden offers fresh vegetables, organically grown right in the Westbury neighborhood! Did you know the Plant It Forward Farm Share program delivers Farm Shares at Westbury Community Garden? You can’t get more local than that! Not a farm share member yet? Check em out today!


Plant It Forward offers economically disadvantaged refugees an opportunity to become self-sufficient through growing, harvesting and selling produce from a sustainable urban farm within the city of Houston. Each farm will have the potential to generate a fair wage for a family of four while providing premium brand sustainably-grown produce to Houstonians. Plant It Forward secures land, selects, trains, and mentors farmers and establishes each on their own urban farm to sell under the Plant It Forward brand.


Plant It Forward Farms provides fresh, seasonal produce for Houston. All of their food is free of chemical pesticides and is freshly picked for sale at local farmers markets. They offer the fruits and vegetables that you grew up with, as well as their farmers’ favorite produce from their homelands around the world.

One of the most important ways that you can support Plant It Forward Farms is to buy their produce. Not only does it support hard working refugee farmers, our local economy, and the creation of green space in Houston; you are also buying some of the freshest fruits and vegetables in the city, all grown without the use of chemicals or GMOs.

Their farmers are selling at Farmers Markets, through Farm Share subscriptions, at farm stands, and to chefs throughout the Houston area.